Computer Skills

Computer skills are the keys to communicate, manage information and learn in the 21st century.

You may use the computer for personal pleasure

  • texting or emailing family and friends
  • building your personal photo album
  • skyping a far-away friend to save long distance charges
  • using a calculator to comparison shop or budget

You may use it for study

  • navigating the internet to find information
  • typing essays and reports

You may use it for work

  • company or trade-specific software
  • spreadsheets and databases
  • organizing and scheduling

No matter how you use computers, it’s likely you will want to keep developing your skills.

We can help with

  • one-on-one coaching
  • self-paced, independent study in Word, Windows, and Excel
  • basic keyboarding skills
  • internet and email use

Come in to discuss your personal needs or gather a group of friends and let us build a small class  . . . just for you! Use our laptops or bring in your own.

You’re smarter than you think!

Learning Centre Hours:

Monday – Thursday  10:00 AM – 4:00 PM   (or by appointment)


#103B, 111-54th Street (Edson Provincial Building)