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GED (General Education Diploma)

Need your GED? We can help.

Many accept the GED as an alternate to the traditional high school diploma.  Adults who didn’t complete high school can still reach for better jobs by writing the GED.  It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been out of school, what your marks were, or how many credits you got or didn’t get. Most adults just need to brush up on their reading and basic math skills. 

If you are ready to write your GED exams, we are an authorized Pearson VUE Test Centre.  If you would like to schedule a computer based GED exam, register at   All fees for the computer based GED tests are in US dollars.  The cost is $40 US per test for a total of $200 US.

You will need:

  • your Alberta Student Number (ASN).  You can search for your ASN or request an ASN be created on the Alberta Education website.
  • an email address
  • a credit card to schedule exams…must be paid at time of scheduling

Tip Sheet:  How do I schedule my computer-based GED?

Canadian GED Online Practice Course website has self assessments, quizzes, and timed tests.  There is a small fee for this website but there is also some free content.  This website is for skill practice only.  Click here.

If you are not ready to write your GED exams, we can assess your current math and reading skills.  We may be able to provide tutoring based on an assessment and help you with strategies that suit your learning pace.

Please contact for an appointment.

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